ESP-Myanmar (Empowerment, self-reliance, Poverty-alleviation)


ESP-Myanmar is a small scale local organization that builds capacity of women and provides micro-credit to envision Myanmar in which its women are healthy, safe, and economically secured. With this vision, ESP was initiated in November 2011 with the initial funding from two women visitors from the United States of America: Ms. Elizabeth Rolph and Ms. Libbie Agran. They shared the stories of policies and women empowerment program around the world with interesting presentation. With the initial funding, nine like-minded volunteers who are interested to share their expertise and time to establish ESP Myanmar started series of discussion to establish ESP-Myanmar. In the initial meetings, the vision, mission, strategic direction, and activities were discussed and agreed. Since inception, the core members contribute the organization with full of commitment to achieve the objectives of the organization. In April 2012, the organization started its actual operation through disbursing capital loan to its first group of five recipients.


ESP Myanmar envisions a society in which the women are healthy, safe, economically secured and able to enjoy their full rights.

To empower women through poverty reduction and promoting self-reliance

To facilitate greater access to quality health services and quality education

To advocate policy makers to expand public services that meet the needs of women

Strategic objective

1. To increase partnerships with and networking among individual, self-help groups and CBOs to reflect their lives and livelihoods through sharing common interest and responsibilities

2. To develop the community leadership programs to promote local capacity, including         prevention of gender based violence and access to essential health care services           through services and research

3. To improve the financial independence of women through
– capacity building in business and financial planning for low income women
– providing livelihood opportunity for low income women
– providing education opportunity

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